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Challenge: Traveling with Kids

Top 6 Tips for Fun Family Travel

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Travel can be an eye-opening experience for kids of all ages- sights, food and experiences, not forgetting quality family time. But travelling with kids can also be a daunting proposition- long packing lists, cranky kids, and unpredictable schedules.

Fortunately, we’ve gathered tips to make traveling with kids a breeze. After all, every family should enjoy precious moments creating memories and exploring the world. Isn’t that the essence of family travel?

1. Travelling with babies is a cinch

Most people believe that going with babies is challenging. However, it’s easier with babies than teenagers since they eat and sleep. If you have a toddler, carry an iPod, books, and snacks to keep them occupied. Also, teach them how to conduct themselves on an airplane.

2. Engage your kids

Use various strategies to keep your child engaged in family travel. Infants like playing with bottles and toys while toddlers enjoy fascinating sights such as game parks. Involve teenagers in planning a trip. They can choose several attractions which interest them. You can allow them to explore a particular destination on their own for a short while.

3. Picking a Destination

Narrowing down a destination is not cakes and ale with the world as your proverbial oyster. When choosing, prioritize interests, followed by destination. In other words, choose what to do not a destination.

Visiting unique destinations creates lifetime memories for your family. It may be a historical site or a natural landform. Consider visiting museums, beach vacations, and parks. Some parks and game reserves offer chateaux and villas at varying rates.

4. Save Money

Use different strategies to save money on vacation. New technology helps you perform flights and cars search in advance. Just provide key details about your trip and commit to a particular finder's fee. Reputable travel agents compete to help you find affordable and excellent trips. After picking, follow their booking procedure and request for information on several routes.

You can also select a travel agent with close relations. They can help you when negotiating extra amenities, upgrades and room rates. Most hotels offer an advisors' commission to travel agents. You are allowed to pay the fee upfront if you have a complicated family trip.

5. Passports

All children including infants need infants during international family trips. Check the United State Department of State to learn the key steps necessary to follow when applying a passport for a child. You may be required to renew visa for children below 16 years in person or through a post office. Present a notarized letter is prudent.

6. Packing

Packing for family travel is an uphill task to most parents. Plan for your kids by carrying all the items they may need. It's advisable to take a first-aid kit and several packing cubes which fit in suitcases.

Despite spending a lot of time planning for your family travel, it may not be a smooth trip. Facing specific challenges during a journey is common. Embrace challenges, they’re part of your adventure. What do you think? Share your ideas with us.

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