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Top 5: Mom Hacks for Summer Survival

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Summer is coming and that means lots of time at home with your beloved little ones!

This also means being a little bit crafty and a lot a bit patient! But hey, no worries! We have some tips that will make your carefree, no-school, no-scheduled dog days of summer a little bit easier and definitely more fun!

1. Summer sandals require nicely pedicured feet! But, with the kids home all day, there is no time for a pedicure – you need the Amopé. This little machine has literally CHANGED my life! It’s a motorized foot file that actually works! It removes ugly callouses & dry skin from your feet in seconds, leaving them silky soft.

2. It’s hot & you need a cold drink ASAP! Here’s how to make a warm drink cold in just about two minutes: submerge your drink in a bowl of ice, add some water and salt and it will drop several degrees in just a couple of minutes.

3. Cupcake Liner Cup Topper- Summer means being outside for long periods of time, and means you need to keep your little ones hydrated. To keep drinks from spilling & keep bugs out, use a cupcake liner flipped upside down with a straw through it to create a makeshift lid!

4. Need a quick dessert that’s the hit of any party?! Make an ice cream (sandwich) cake! Line a pan with parchment paper & line it with ice cream sandwiches. Cover layer with cookie crumbs, sprinkles or whatever topping you wish! Place another layer of ice cream sandwiches on top & frost with cool whip. Voila!

5. Quick, easy project that you can use for decorations, fairy homes or even birthday party favors! DIY Glow Stick Lanterns – Simply take a mason jar, break a glow stick & dump the liquid in the jar, replace the lid & shake the jar to coat it with the liquid. There you have a cool lit, glow in the dark lantern!

6. Grab a bottle of pure aloe, squeeze it into an ice cube tray and freeze – you’ll have an instant sunburn remedy for those unexpected and unwanted pink spots!

7. When packing your cooler for the beach or pool, freeze water in Ziploc bags to use instead of ice packs. Once melted, use those bags to hold wet and/or sandy bathing suits.

Send us some of your favorite quick mom hacks that help you survive any situation motherhood throws at you! We would love to hear them!

Enjoy your summer! 🙂

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