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Challenge: Bringing Home Baby: What Do You Wish You’d Known?

Top 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Bringing Baby Home

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​1. We're all making it up. Other than making a commitment to do your best, there are no hard and fast rules to caring for a baby.

2. Schedule date nights with your spouse/partner. 

3. Having kids is the ultimate metaphor for life. It can be so hard but once any moment passes, you immediately miss it. You'll experience nostalgia in real-time.

4. You'll start to see your own parents in a different light. Use the experience as an excuse to explore your own childhood. 

5. When people ask, "How is everyone doing?" Don't be afraid to say, "We're exhausted and need help."

6. Play the baby your favorite music. Sing and dance. 

7. Have a little faith. Find a higher power and understand we're all a part of something bigger. 

8. Take photos... but be present. Memories are better than Instagram likes. 

9. If you have other kids, create rituals and habits to spend time with them. My favorite part of my week is getting bagels and donuts with my two-year old each Saturday morning. 

10. Have a sense of humor. Parenting is ridiculous and funny. No one is fully ready for it and the only way to cope is often by laughing. 

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