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Challenge: Kids and Technology

Top 10 Digital Resources to Teach Your Kids to Code

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Information technology is everywhere these days. It is so omnipresent that parents even detected the need to teach their kids how to code. Namely, the most recent researches revealed that global IT sector produced as much as €1,357 billion revenue last year, which makes it one of the most profitable industries. Kids are surrounded by all sorts of gadgets and devices, so why not make use of it and teach them how to code? After all, chances are this could be their future profession. According to experts from EssayOnTime, it is always good to create a relevant list with the most valuable suggestions on the issue. Since there are a lot of digital resources to learn from, we will give you an overview of the 10 best tools.

Best digital resources for kids coding

There are various online tools to help children make the firsts steps in programming. They differ by the level of simplicity, gamification elements, coding by ages, etc. In this list, we will present you the 10 best digital sources according to all these features.


This organization offers a number of valuable coding lessons to introduce children to computer science. Their aim is to provide kids from all parts of the world with enough online resources to successfully learn about computer technologies in general. They encourage learning for women and underprivileged groups, inspiring them to work hard and don’t give up. also offers free tutorials, apps, and guides to simple coding.

  • Daisy the Dinosaur

The iOS app is made for ages 6 to 8, and it allows kids to find out about the basics of programming through this cute little dinosaur character. Daisy the Dinosaur is all about learning the basic drag and drop moves while kids command the character. Daisy can go up, down, spin around – nothing too complicated but still good enough for the preschool kids.

  • Tynker

Tynker developers created the tool to enable kids to gain knowledge about modern technologies through a variety of themes. Its set of interactive games will teach children to understand the basic principles of coding. They also give advice to parents on how to begin with these lessons, explaining what their games and puzzles actually mean. Tynker is based on gamification elements for young users, so it doesn’t burden kids with the standard coding. Instead, kids play with icons and other elements of the inspiring visual imagery.

  • Hackety Hack

This digital resource for kids coding offers simple and intuitive guidelines. Hackety Hack uses an old programming language called Ruby, which is convenient for learning the most essential coding moves. In general, Hackety Hack is a great solution for parents to help their kids develop critical thinking and understand the computing processes. It’s an open source tool, perfect for the very first lessons in coding.

  • Scratch

The Scratch online community is dedicated to children aged 8 to 16. Their programming language will teach kids to be creative, how to cooperate to solve the task, and to use common sense while coding. It allows children to be proactive and to exchange ideas or animations with their peers worldwide. Scratch is very popular among parents and their kids because it offers a broad scope of features, while it provides easy and lucid solutions at the same time.

  • Lissa Explains it All

This is one of the oldest online sources aimed at helping kids to learn programming. And for the good reason – although it may seem obsolete with its simple colors and imagery, Lissa Explains it All is one of the best HTML teaching tools. It is basically the digital source for teaching kids how to make a web page and make documents on the Internet. It provides valuable information through easy-to-understand instructions, encouraging kids to come up with original thoughts and ideas for the website.

  • Hopscotch

Hopscotch is one of the most renowned digital tools for children. Its creators believe that coding is an excellent way to express creativity and they did their best to transfer such thinking into this iPad app. Hopscotch is great for beginners to discover the basics of computer coding, but it also inspires kids to play with common “real-world” items in an unusual way.

  • Bee-Bot

Bee-Bot enables kids to learn dozens of useful operations through this amusing robot character. It is very easy to control as kids gain first impressions about sequencing and problem-solving. Bee-Bot blinks each time it makes a step upon kids’ demand, which gives children a nice feeling of control and understanding. This tool is a genuine booster of creativity and experimentation.

  • Cargo-Bot

Cargo-Bot is the puzzle game which allows you to give instructions to the robot whose aim is to replace the crates. It consists of 36 puzzle stages, with exciting sound effects and cool visual solutions. Of course, children have to learn elementary coding skills in order to advance from stage to stage. This game is designed for iPad users and it is very practical for teaching kids the simple logic of computational thinking.

  • Kids Ruby

The Kids Ruby developers used a number of creative digital tricks to attract kids and make them learn the Ruby programming language. This multi-platform teaching source gives kids the opportunity to hack their homework. This basically means that program coding can help them complete homework a lot easier. Kids Ruby will help the little guys and girls who already have some basic knowledge of program coding.


Digital resources are the best way to introduce kids to modern technologies and computer programming. Among hundreds of useful tools, there are some that stand out. So, we used this article to present the top 10 online tools that can help you teach children how to code – we hope you find it interesting!

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