Parents, you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

Or just as likely, we’ve got questions and you’ve got answers.

Challenge: Open Discussion

to the momma sitting in the dark, tears streaming down your face...

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Whatever brought you to this place, you are not alone

Maybe it's because you are trying to parent during a pandemic and every single day is a struggle

Maybe it's because someone you love is sick, or at risk, or quarantined from seeing you

Maybe it's because every thought about this school year fills you with dread and worry

Maybe it’s the words someone said or the words you wish you hadn’t

Maybe it’s another eye roll and door slam by your teen, or another weak momma moment due to your trying toddler

Maybe it’s the fight with your spouse over the strains of parenthood or stress of finances

Maybe it’s the anger and impatience inside you that you just couldn’t contain or the frustration of always holding in your truth

Maybe it’s wishing you could for once lose the weight, or wishing that you still felt the weight of a baby growing inside you

Maybe it’s the concern you feel over your child’s mental health, or the fear you carry about the debilitating pain in your own body

Maybe it’s the heaviness of guilt over your less than moments or the reality of a long and challenging road ahead

Maybe it's the overwhelm of trying to do mothering alone and all the anxiety that comes with solo anything

Maybe it’s because you have so many emotions inside you that some need to be cried out to make room for more

Maybe it’s simply because your heart is overjoyed and full of gratitude for the life God’s given you

Momma, whatever it is that has tears streaming down your face, you’re not alone

At some point or another, we’re all sitting in the dark, crying in the stillness. It’s in these sacred spaces that motherhood and all it represents lives and breathes. This holy ground is where we learn to appreciate each other’s profound journey. Where we pray for our own strength and wish it for others

Here we sit next to one another in collective spirit, wiping away the anguish from each other’s faces and celebrating the immeasurable joys of this role we share

You’re not alone, Momma. You are loved. 💗

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