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Challenge: Keeping Your Cool

To the mama whose youngster is OBSESSED with her

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To the mama whose youngster is OBSESSED with her,

It won't always be this way, and though you may not believe it, one day in the not too far off future, you will wish it was.

Nobody wants to be touched all the time.

Nobody wants to hear their name screamed incessantly.

Nobody wants to be whined at all day long.

Nobody wants to have a living tail.

Nobody wants to be blocked every time they take a step.

And, nobody wants somebody literally all up in their business while they are trying to do their business.

But, alas, you are nobody.

You are the peanut butter to your toddler's jelly, and she cannot wait another millisecond -- which she will make uberly clear to you -- to be one half of a mother-daughter sandwich.

You, my friend, are a terrific caretaker, and your innocent-enough, impressionable toddler is freakin' enamored with you, your affection, your words, your smell, and your entire dynamic being.

And do you know what?

As utterly pressure-filled and draining as it is to live beside someone who thinks the sun rises and sets with you, it's pretty freakin' humbling to know there is a God out there who believes that YOU are worthy of such an honor and an adorable, pint-sized powerhouse who entirely agrees.

To the mama whose youngster is OBSESSED with her,

I know it's rough.

I feel you because I am you.

It won't always be this way and one day, I assure you, that will be much rougher.

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