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To the mama feeling b-a-s-i-c

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I get it. I know that blah look in your eyes when you realize your wardrobe consists of elastic everything and #momlife Tees. When you forget if you used deodorant but can count the number of days since you’ve washed your hair with soap and water.


I get it. I get what it’s like to fantasy shop, knowing your budget’s lost its wiggle room and your waist has gained an inch. Knowing your friends wore all the pretty things and took pictures, but here you are, avoiding your own reflection, because really what more can you do.

You wake up at the same time every morning and do the very same things. You wear the same clothes and repeat the same commands and sweep up the same crumbs after each meal they barely touch. And you question how extraordinary any of it really is.

Well, friend, I want to let you in on a little secret.

Stop looking at your life in snapshots; it’s not meant to be compared or scrolled through so quickly. Consider the big picture instead.

Those #momlife Tees and stretchy jeans are a badge of honor many would give anything for.

And it’s how we use the time doing all the things we keep doing every day that matters most. Not the stuff.

Stains don’t matter.

Double-chins don’t matter.

But in reality, doing the laundry and cleaning the crumbs and all those routine, sometimes overlooked ways that we love on our families transform the mundane into the magical and make our houses into our homes.

That’s how God is polishing us all up; His jewels. For our good. For His glory. More and more each day.

Basic? Mama, you’re anything but.

(Mommys15Minutes, Jaclyn Warren)

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