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Challenge: NICU Parenting

To Our Baby's Miracle Workers

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To To Our Baby’s Miracle Workers:

How can we ever thank you for all that each of you has done for our family? You have no idea how much you mean to us. When we entered the NICU it was terrifying and you were all strangers to us. Now we have created bonds with all of you that we will never forget. Each of you will always hold a special place in our hearts and be a part of our family.

We never once doubted leaving Reese with all of you. Knowing that each of you genuinely cared for her made it so much easier for us to be away. Coming in and seeing you cuddle with her made us smile. Hearing you talk to her and constantly cheer her on was music to our ears. You were there for her when we could not be and we will forever be grateful for that. I wish she was old enough to understand the love she was given while she was with you. We will be sure to tell her about all of you and how wonderful each of you are when she asks about the first few months of her life.

We never imagined that our journey would take us down this path to you. When we pictured having Reese we pictured the typical birth where we would take her home after a couple days and be a typical family but that was not the case for us. Not only were you all there for and loved Reese, you were also there for us. I honestly do not think we could have done this without each of you. I remember the first time we were able to hold her and you told us it was going to be okay. You taught us how to handle her fragile little body and included us in everything. You were also there for us during all of the highs and lows of this journey. You were there to hug us and reassure us that this too will pass during the lows, to celebrate during the highs, and were a shoulder to lean on when we need to vent.

Thank you for being our baby’s miracle worker. Thank you for loving her unconditionally. Thank you for being our rock when we needed it. Thank you for teaching us to takie in every little moment whether good or bad. Finally, thank you for being you.












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