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To Kinder You Go!

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I cant believe its finally here! I’ve tried pretending time isn’t passing for at least a year, but then he outgrows another pair of shoes before I can tell him to cut it out.

I know, I know, it’s just kindergarten for crying out loud and he’ll be fine. But the first of my babies is starting his foray into the world and I’m not sure I’m quite ready to share. Here you go, everybody. My most precious, cherished gift.

We had five years of “little” time. Five sweet, maddening, precious, whirlwind years. Did we read enough? Learn enough? Adventure and wrestle and sing and make friends? Can you share and take turns, tie your shoes, write your name? Do you know your numbers and the name of your street? Can you say how much you are loved?

Check. Check (usually). That last one?


Emphatically yes. You’re ready, for sure.

To kinder you go! Have a blast and BEHAVE. Say please and thank you. Wear your lucky underwear. Don’t push your straw too hard in your juice box at lunch. And don’t worry about me when I drop you off - I’ll almost certainly have something in my eye.

Home is your sanctuary, but the world is your oyster. How lucky it is to have you!

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