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Tips to keep yourself fit in the holiday season

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The holiday season is undoubtedly the most awaited time of the year. It’s also that time of the year which disrupts our daily fitness goals. Amidst all the decadent treats and merry making- we hardly get time for our fitness routine. But you certainly don’t wish to end up 2 sizes wider in the New Year. In fact, if you are little careful, you can maintain a certain degree of fitness without compromising on your holiday celebrations.

Make time for exercise

No matter how busy you are during the holiday season, you should take some time out for exercises. It’s not possible to allot the same amount of time that you usually give for daily workout sessions. But you must be particular about minimum 30 minutes of exercise everyday.

Plan for outdoor fun

The holiday months are the best time for picnics. Plan a camping trip outdoors which will involve a good lot of outdoor games and activities. These outdoor trips are great to make up for those missed workout sessions during the festive days. Besides, such picnics are also amazing for cherished memories with family and friends.

Eat before heading to parties

You must have already received series of invitations for the holiday parties. While parties are cool, the not-so-fun part is that we always end up eating more. And that’s a disaster for your fitness goals. To avoid overbinging in parties, make sure to eat something light before you set out for the celebrations. A handful of nuts is both savory and filling. It will keep you moderately full and prevent you from overeating.

Keep yourself hydrated

Celebrations and parties usually disrupt our everyday fitness measures. However, though you can’t have a tight control on what you eat- at least be careful about adequate hydration. No holiday party is complete without “high spirits” and alcohol can lead to serious dehydration. So, you have to have your water bottle handy all the time to prevent dehydration issues. Fitness is not just about getting in shape. It also involves keeping your system healthy.

Moreover, sufficient hydration will keep you full and would prevent you from going overboard with the cocktails.

Be careful about low-carb meal at home Holiday parties mean wild hogging galore. While you can’t always avoid the high-fat delicacies at parties, try to be extra strict with your meals at home. Experts advise for low-carb meals

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