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Challenge: Summer Fun

Tips to keep kids Happy and you SANE in the summertime!

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If you're like me the end of a school year is a weird feeling. One part of me is so happy that kiddos are out and I'm not racing the clock every morning making sure breakfast is eaten,teeth are brushed and homework is halfway done!! But the other part knows that now I'm going to have to entertain these little rats day after day all the while making sure me or them don't go CrAzY!

So here's what I've come up with that helps me keep my sanity and them Happy during the summertime!

1.Have a summer box!! I fill it with balls,bug catchers,bubbles,crayons,paper,stickers and anything else cheap from the dollar store that will keep them entertained .Buy a few extra toys to hold back, that you can throw in the box weekly to keep it interesting .

2. Sidewalk chalk! Great for your budding artists ,and who doesn't like to draw hopscotch to get em active? Also make sure you buy the" glow in the dark" chalk,so you can go back out at night and admire your cool masterpieces.

3. A cooler! Kids will drive you crazy going in and out of the kitchen a hundred times during the summer ,so make it easy for you and them,keep a cooler in your garage or outside filled with waters, juices and popsicles! Also cheese and veggies & fruits are great to keep in plastic bags in there to keep em happy and healthy.

4.Keep a quilt handy! This is awesome for impromptu picnics at the park and for pulling out late at night just to look at the stars on a perfect summer night or to sit and admire the fire flies.

Summer can be stressful, but just remember it's short and this is your time to have fun with the coolest little people you'll ever meet ,and before you know it the alarm clock will be set again,so get busy and have fun in the sun!!

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