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Tips on Tidying up the Yard and Garden With Your Kids

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It is no secret that many of us have completely ignored our backyards and gardens for the last few weeks if not months. Your yard and garden is an important part of your home, and just like any other room in the house, it needs to be regularly cleaned and maintained. It is now time to face your fears. Say no to procrastination and laziness and start cleaning the yard and garden. This provides a great opportunity for your family to work together. Hence, ensure that everyone in the family is equipped with a broom or rake because the yard isn’t going to clean itself.


Here are some tips on how you can quickly clean your yard and garden with your kids.

Removing Debris

Start your cleaning efforts by collecting the fallen sticks and branches from your yard. Rake them up to a huge heap and put them in a large skip bin. You can make this activity fun for your kids by giving them a target of debris to collect.

If your town does not pick up lawn debris on a regular basis, then you can find your nearest drop-off location where you can deliver it. Alternatively, you can rent a wood chipper from a nearby hardware or garden store and turn the debris into mulch for your garden.

Raking Fallen Leaves and Twigs

It is true that fallen leaves are helpful for your grass. However, if they keep the grass in your yard from absorbing enough sunlight, then they are more harmful than helpful. Thoroughly rake the leaves on your lawn and garden bed. Have a competition with your kids to see who rakes the most leaves.

If you don’t want to compost the dead leaves, you can make arrangements to dispose of bagged leaves at a nearby drop-off location.

Repairing Broken Furniture

Check your outdoor furniture at the yard to see whether they are in good condition. Wooden outdoor furniture needs to be maintained by repainting and re-oiling. Check and tighten up any loose nuts or bolts. If you have canvas chairs, you can also clean them or re-cover them. Once you are done, thoroughly sweep your pavement and other hard surfaces in your yard. Your children will learn a lot of things by just watching you repair all these things.


Plants that are damaged or have already bloomed can be pruned to promote new growth. You should also remove canes from perennials and grasses to make way for fresh growth. To keep shrubs and perennials in bloom, remove the spent flowers regularly. This is an excellent opportunity to teach your kids one or two things about proper gardening.

After a long day of work, you and your family can finally have some well-deserved rest. Ensure that you properly store all the tools and other equipment in the garage. Make sure your garage is nice and organized, so you avoid any injuries due to stuff laying around. A clean and well organized garage will surely make it easier for any future gardening activities, giving you easy access to all your tools and equipment.

Make it a regular habit to clean your yard and garden with your kids. You will get an excellent opportunity to bond with them as well as learn more about them. It also provides the opportunity to teach them a few things that they may apply later in life.

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