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Tips for Travelling With Kids in India

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India is a beautiful country with various aspects. It has nature, wildlife, beaches, adventure, pilgrimage, delicacies and much more. It’s really a nice idea if you are going to India with Kids to experience the culture but we should keep some things in mind.


We say if some things are taken care of and some other things are kept in mind, the trip to India can be a fulfilling experience. Here are a few tips as to how you can ensure a nice trip as you decide to take your children along:

  • 1.Taking loads of luggage (like pram, walkers etc) as you travel with kids is something that is quite implied but it can be a great hassle as you have to take care of your kids. For this, we suggest that you can send your baggage well before your travel is scheduled by a specialised luggage delivery company. This will ensure smooth and safe transit of your things and a trouble free travel for you.
  • 2.Going to a new place can mean a lot of exploration especially on the part of kids because they may want to observe things quite minutely. So, not hurrying is the buzz word here! You should plan lesser number of destinations per day in your itinerary when out with children.
  • 3.Ensuring the safety of your kids is something that occupies the top spot in your priority list. So one tip goes as: decide and tell a meeting point to your children if ever they get lost while frisking around. This way the situation can be less panicky if any one of you is lost.
  • 4.There are restrictions and limits on the amount and kind of hand luggage that you can carry via air travel so check before you book your flights and clarify again so as to avoid any confusion. Some things like milk, baby foods etc are not allowed to be carried beyond a certain limit but exceptions are there for infants.
  • 5.Children take no time in creating fuss over small things or throwing around tantrums. So here’s the catch- carry some entertainment stuff for your children. A small video game, their favourite toy, an MP3 player etc might serve the purpose. Well, a lot of stuff is there in your Smartphone too.
  • 6.Skin of children is very sensitive to heat and cold. If you are travelling to a destination where the weather is very different from the place you reside, take some caution steps like carry the right kind of clothing. For example is you are going to some place which is very hot so you should carry cotton clothes for your kids so that their skin is able to breathe. Also sunglasses is a ‘not to forget’ accessory.
  • 7.To see that your kids do not fall sick or carry any infections back home, make them use hand sanitizer before every meal and see to it that the plates in which the meal is served to you are clean and dry. Also check that packaged food and drinks are properly sealed before you buy them.

If these small things are taken care of then we assure you that you will enjoy every bit of the trip with your kids.

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