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Challenge: Traveling with Kids

Tips for Traveling With Kids

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For some people, traveling with kids can be quite a challenge. They say, travel before you have kids. We say, kids add the fun! It’s not impossible and it will not ruin your vacation if you know how to handle the situation well. That’s why we have the tips on how to travel with kids (and still have awesome fun)!


Packing is one of the essentials here. Let your kids have their own small backpack that they can fill with toys. But put the valuable ones in your own backpack. Bring some extra clothes for them in your backpack because things can get messy and the last thing you want is your kids with clothes wet of orange juice. In the plane, let them have more screen time with educational and kids-friendly content. Calm and non-fussy kids in the plane can keep every passenger sane. However, let them know that this rule only applies while traveling, so it doesn’t become a habit or addiction. Then, pack some hand sanitizer or wipes because being dirty and sick on your vacay is no fun.

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For the accommodation, try booking a hotel with kitchenette and pool. If you travel with kids, having a kitchen at where you stay can save you more money. Because it means you can grocery shop and make healthier food, instead of eating out. And a pool is a must have entertainment for kids, especially if you’re doing a staycation.

Next, do a research on where to visit together and make a travel plan. will be a huge help on this one. This website helps you on finding places to visit, as well as search and compare attractions tickets so you will get the best deal.

Where to visit

Quiet places with educational entertainment can be suitable. Hustling cities with huge theme parks are also a lot of fun. Maribor, Slovenia is a great destination. You can do canoeing in Drava River in the summer or skiing in the nearby resort of Pohorje in winter. Nairobi, Kenya is a wonderful destination if you’re looking forward to interacting with wildlife. It’s a great way for the kids to learn more about nature. Not to mention the amazing view the parents can also enjoy! Florida, USA is the perfect destination for those looking for endless modern entertainment. This state has giant theme parks, beautiful zoo, and water parks all around.

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Why it’s great to travel with your kids

Even if some people say traveling with kids is handful, it’s actually a great thing for everyone in the family. By traveling at a young age, kids will learn how to be patient and wait. They also learn how to cope with unexpected situation. Thus helping them to be smarter and more confident because of their experience. Everyone in the family can also learn new responsibilities. When traveling, you’ll let go of you usual routine and try new things. Whether as the ‘tour guide’ navigator, or taste-tester. The kids can learn how to lead and the parents can have a refreshing time doing something else aside from their routine. Lastly, the whole family can bond better, get closer, and have better communication by spending time and creating memories together while traveling.

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