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Challenge: Best Parent Hacks

Three Hacks For Parents of New Babies

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Bringing home a baby will throw off your sleep schedule, increase your stress levels and leave you frustrated -- if you let it.

With a little bit of planning, savvy and teamwork, you should be in good hands as parents and partners. Take on the challenge by use the following three hacks.

Get Surgical About Planning Your Life and all Its Variables

The more you can plan your life out, the easier it'll be to streamline each day and week, while still taking care of your new baby.

First off, arrange for and take full advantage of maternity and paternity leave. When you rush back or fail to take enough time, you may find yourself out of whack, off balance and missing your baby. Give yourselves time to recharge, regroup and get used to being parents.

Do everything that you can to get on the same page by syncing up a calendar that plans out all your obligations. This way, you won't have to worry about missing important things or losing out on the time you need to get your baby ready. Map out all doctor's appointments and stay up to date with your medical insurance.

If the two of you have another child, start getting your child involved with helping out with the baby. This way, they'll feel like a needed part of the family and will be less likely to get jealous.

Freeze Your Bottles and Get Some Carrying and Storage Bags

Breastfeeding helps your child avoid illness and grow to be healthy and strong. However, this is also a time commitment and could be difficult for some moms. Try to breastfeed but don't beat yourself up if you end up switching to formula.

There's no need, because today's baby formula options are often organic and nutrient dense, allowing your baby to grow healthy and strong.

Use feeding as a bonding time with your child and it'll help you grow in confidence as a parent as well.

Make sure that you're set up to always have bottles on demand. The best way to do this is to have a system going that lets you freeze, clean and store bottles. Take the time to pack storage bags so that your child never goes hungry whether you're dropping them off at daycare or taking them with you on your errands.

Take Turns and Take Care of Yourselves

Finally, help each other out and make teamwork the goal. This way, you'll both be able to rest and recharge, in order to show up each day enthused and energized.

Be sure that you're getting back into your routines as an individual, and doing what you can to better yourselves. Take some time to workout and de-stress. You'll be better for it as a parent and as a person.

Use these three hacks and you'll be well prepared to take care of your new baby.

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