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Challenge: Taking Care of YOU

This Will Save You $1000s in Self Care

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When we hear the saying, you can't love anyone else fully until you love yourself, we often only consider the mental component. Confidence in yourself is of course essential, but taking care of your physical body can be just as crucial.

I'm going to let you in on a little secret that the massage industry, physical therapists, and doctors don't focus enough on. There is a tremendous amount of DIY maintenance that will keep a reasonably healthy body in great shape. Yes hauling yourself to the gym and working out is on the list, but let's start small. We all know how monumental those baby steps are.

Raise your hand if you've

  • Shifted your baby into and out of the crib
  • Hauled your baby between stroller and carseat
  • Arched your neck over a nursing baby
  • Jutted out your hip to place a baby on it
  • Carried a sleeping toddler who feels like half your own weight
  • Done any of the above repeatedly, every day

Congratulations, you're already a bit of a weight lifter. Maybe that gym training is happening after all.

But in the gym you're told to warm up, stretch before and after. Relieve those aching muscles. There's actually a simple way to do this at home.


Try Self Massage Using A Spongey Ball. One of your kid's bouncy balls should do the trick, though a yoga therapy ball, even a lacrosse, tennis ball, or baseball can also work. If you are a newbie or sensitive to pain a much softer, I would advise a flexible ball.

The key is to use your own body weight, with the help of the wall or floor to move the ball against trigger points. You would also be rolling out your fascia, which are the tissues that wrap around your muscles, and internal organs.

A simple rule is to listen to your body and roll out the muscles where it feels tightest. Common areas to roll on are your upper back, shoulders, chest muscles, hips, and feet.


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