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Challenge: Summer Fun

This summer, be the mom

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Be the mom that after a neighborhood walk pushing both kids in the double stroller you run, dare I say faster than your husband, to reach the ice cream truck in time to treat everyone to fudge pops.

Be the mom that throws on the swimsuit and jumps in the pool with the kids, not caring about the stretch marks or your hair you semi-fixed.

Be the mom that wakes up early to drink that first coveted cup of coffee in peace so you will more joyfully welcome the chaos once the kids wake up.

Be the mom that let’s the kids stay up late for movie night, complete with popcorn with mini m&m’s sprinkled through.

Be the mom that closes the laundry room door to the piles of laundry and take a nap because really, you should sleep when they sleep and naptime is sacred.

Be the mom that for once, doesn’t go all Monica Gellar on the playroom that looks like a disaster zone and get in the floor and build castles out of legos.

Be the mom that hosts last minute playdates and soak in every minute of screaming-to-hear-yourselves conversation with the other mom and embrace the circus that is kids running circles around the house.

Be the mom that takes her kids out walking in the warm rain, jumping in each and every glorious puddle, laughing as little rain boots jump and run, splashing water everywhere.

Be the mom that breaks up a random weekday with a water balloon fight in the backyard – your kids will think you’re a super hero and best of all, they’ll be occupied for at least 20 minutes.

Be the mom that gets her hands dirty, planting flowers in the backyard and cooking dirt pies with your daughter.

Be the mom that blows bubbles until you nearly pass out but man, the happy shriek your two-year-old makes as he pops the bubbles is just too good.

Be the mom that throws impromptu dance parties in the living room and picnics in the backyard.

Be the mom that puts her phone down, grabs a stack of books and a sleeping bag, and plays "camp library."

Be the mom that tickles and laughs and loves without abandon, soaking in this sacred season with her kiddos and making memories that’ll last for summers to come.


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