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This is what autism acceptance looks like

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Autism awareness is one thing, an important thing, but then there is autism acceptance . That’s the real thing. That’s the longing and the true goal.

What’s does it look like to live, love and truly accept autism?

I share frequently about our ballerina at dance but I don’t always share the messy parts. The parts where Niyah breaks things, hits, refuses to listen and just runs around messing with all the equipment. There are days where she lays down and only watches her gracious instructor dance and spin. Days where I sometimes question what are we even doing here, only to find Niyah later that evening in front of the mirror practices the moves I thought she wasn’t even paying attention to!

Loving someone with autism is an exceptional and unconditional kind of love and has its own unique rewards. To be flexible enough to regroup or shift your expectations or your plans. To meet them where they can and where they will. To see past behaviors and see what an incredible perspective they have to offer.


This picture has me feeling all the feels. Reading about a ballerina for ballet class and getting some strong cuddles because that’s what Niyah needed from dance today. It might not have gone exactly as planned but it was exactly right.

So thankful for Instructors who meet Niyah each week on the ballet floor, see past the behaviors that some can’t look past, and teach and love our dancing Queen the way she needs in each moment!
That is true #autismacceptance.

Hopefully, you too, will find someone with autism to love unexpectedly and unconditionally. Well shoot, now that I’m thinking about it, hopefully we will love EvERYoNE with this kind of unexpected and unconditional love. We all deserve it!

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