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This is the summer to "go for it"

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My six-year-old' eyes grew wide with excitement, as he spotted the giant water slide on our family trip to a Connecticut beach.

He looked at me, and I knew he wanted to go. I stared at the towering structure, then back at my son, and a slew of worries came over me.

He's going to get scared at the top.

He's not a strong swimmer.

This is a bad idea.

We went about the rest of our day. Enjoying the summer sun, playing in the sand and braving the chilly waters.

But, the slide kept calling.


After chatting with some other beach-goers, my worries about the slide began to subside.

I saw the pool the slide lead to was fairly small and not too deep, allowing participants to quickly make their way to a wall or the stairs if need be. I also was pleased to see the lifeguard stationed close by.

I eased up and agreed to let my son try it.

If he was big enough, of course.

Surely, my son just made the height requirement to go for it.

My husband offered to go with him, and was allowed to walk up to the top and escort him back down should nerves get the best of him.

Fear did not win that day, and my son went down the slide.

His face beamed with joy and pride.

He went back another two or three times before his lame parents had to tell him to call it quits.

And, you better believe I went myself.

Though my landing was anything but graceful, I loved the thrill of zooming down the slide and the feeling of knowing the same happiness my kid felt.

This summer, I urge you.

Jump in the pool.

Go on that roller coaster.

Run through the sprinkler.

Brave that water slide.

See the fun through the eyes of your children.

You might end up rediscovering a little bit of your own childhood.

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