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Challenge: Class of 2020

This is happening FOR you, not to you

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As the year is entering summertime,

A lot of us are in transitions. Graduations, weddings and uniquely: Covid-19. It's important to recognize that whether you are graduating Middle School, High School or College. You all are in the same boat in 2020. Graduation is something EVERYONE looks forward to! The reflecting, celebration, memories and joy all wrapped into one occasion.

It's challenging because with the current times(COVID-19). It has changed the way graduations go. It's taken away the waiting in endless lines with your classmates while you file onto the football field, trying to comfortably sit in your cap/gown while its 12 in the afternoon with full sun beaming down and seeing your parents(also hearing) waving their handmade signs!

Those moments are precious. They are. No one can take that away from you, you deserve to have THAT moment. All those 4 years of hard work leading up to senior picnic, prom and grad night. Moments like that are once in a lifetime and really do shape you into who you are.

Now we are having to do virtual graduation ceremonies, prom nights in the driveway and tik tok our way to virtual fame. It's a crazy, wild, challenging time that no one could have predicted or seen from a mile away. I personally have never gone through something like this, but in my own life I have had many up's & downs. My father used to say something that always made that knot in my stomach go away, it was, "Everything is happening FOR you, not to you". That made me really stop in my tracks and think maybe I should take my power back and shift my perceptive. My attitude about this situation is creating my emotion, so how can I view this hardship as something that is shaping me into who I am meant to be? Or preparing me for something even BETTER!

Graduating class of 2020, I commend you on a job well done. My hat is off to you. I hope you treasure this unique season in your life and anytime you feel frustrated, sad, angry or confused..... just keep thinking, "this is happening FOR me, not to me".

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