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Things You Must Know Before Reaching for Free Tarot Card Reading

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Looking for an Online Tarot Reading?

Down below here are some of the frequently asked questions that might arise into your mind if you are going for free tarot card reading.

What is Tarot?

You can say tarot is a deck of cards that were invented and practised in mid-15th century Europe. These cards were in use in those times, even now some country use these cards.

The tarot card is very related to other playing cards in terms of structure. Similarly, as any regular playing pack of cards, the tarot also has four suits. Each has 14 cards, ten cards from Ace to ten and four face cards (King, Queen, Jack/Knave, and Knight).

What are Tarot Readings?

Before we are going to start talking about what tarot reading is, let's clarify that not all readings are the same.

The kind of online tarot reading or psychic reading can depend on a few things, one of which is the level of perception of the reader, and his or her adopted way of reading.

Although not all tarot readers are psychics but some psychics are tarot readers as well.

Even though these decks of cards themselves don't possess any power, but can be used as a powerful prediction tool. To get a full-fledged good reading experience, you need to have a good tarot reader.


What is a Tarot Spread?
As we discussed before, various kinds of spreads are practised by tarot readers, free tarot card reading and psychic readers as well.

A ‘spread’ is the most obvious method to do a tarot reading. They start from easy ones, like the single card spread, the future, the past and the present, range or the life phases spread, to more complex ones.

Let’s have a peek at a free tarot card reading so that you can perceive a more solid idea of what a spread is:

· Celtic Cross: provides insight into a difficult situation and reveals you what your part in the whole process is.

· Relationship: includes insight and information into the relationship between two people. This can be either a love or a working relationship.

· Cross & Triangle: when you need to learn a difficult situation, you find yourself in.
· Single card spread: a simple spread for when you need to obtain a simple solution and guidance.

· Past Present and Future Spread: as the name implies, this spread deals with your past, present and the future.

· Hagall: while you need to find your religious path in a difficult situation.
· Five-card spread: describes your goals in life.

· Shadow Truth: reveals your hidden feelings when it’s too tough to accept them.
· Twisting Path: provides you with insight and guidance concerning the track you’ll have to take and the future choices you’ll have to make.

“Astrology is an ancient system that uses the movement of the planets through different signs of the zodiac to help reveal how our lives may unfold,” said Katie Sweetman, a consulting astrologer and the creator of Empowering Astrology.

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