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Challenge: Traveling with Kids

Things We Actually Said While Hiking Today

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Things we actually said while hiking today with our family of 7.

(I’m not making this up.)

At Castlewood Canyon in Colorado:



Josiah: “Paul, get away from that edge. It’s not an adventure if you die doing it.”

Paul: “It is an adventure. It’s just the last adventure.”


Kiersten: “Ooh, you have to go number 3? That’s gross.”

Mom: “I didn’t know there was a number 3. I thought there was only a 1 and a 2.”

Bekah: “One is pee and 2 is poop. Three is diarrhea.”

Kiersten: “Yeah, and 4 is barf.”

Mom: “I always learn something new when I hang out with you kids.”


Dad: “Paul, keep singing those songs from Frozen so we won’t lose track of you.”


Josiah: “See the cool lizard I found?”



Zack: “Hiking is FUN!”

Dad: “Of course you think hiking is fun. I’m carrying you on my shoulders.”


Mom: (coming out of the outhouse) “Sorry, kids, I clogged the toilet.”

Kids: “Haha, Mom, very funny.”

Paul: “Mom, did you pee or poop in there?”

Mom: “Paul, let’s add this to our list of things you don’t ask a woman. Don’t ask her age, don’t ask her weight, and don’t ask if she peed or pooped.”


Kiersten: “Congratulations, Zack. Now that you’ve peed in the woods you’re a real man.”

Paul: “I peed in our backyard last summer so I’ve been a man for a long time.”


Dad: “Hiking with our family is like The Blair Witch Project. You never know who is going to come out alive.”


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