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Things aren't always easy between us, but I'm thankful for you

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I know things aren’t always easy between us.

Trust me, there are maaaaany days that I just sit there and question if I’m really cut out for this.

I raise my voice sometimes, and instead of running away, you continue to run to me. You raise your arms up to me and the moment I pull you into me, I can feel your forgiveness.

I beg for a break—just a solitary break—but I will read every book you continue to bring to me and hold every toy that your little hand holds out to me.

I wish to just be alone sometimes, but I will always go along with the game of hide-and-seek that you think I’m playing, when you eventually find me in my bathroom.

I’m barely hanging on by a thread, but every time you hold my hand or cuddle into me on the couch, it’s like you’ve sewn me back up.

I’m a mess. I’m frazzled, moving in a million different directions. But no matter how lost I feel, you always manage to put me back on the right path.

No, things aren’t always easy between us.


There are tears. LOTS of tears. There is frustration and exhaustion. There are short fuses and temper tantrums. There is screaming and stress.

There are moments where I find myself staring at my reflection in the mirror—hair an unwashed, dirty mess, dark circles under my eyes—and I am convinced that I’m stuck.

Between you, dishes, laundry, snacks, more laundry, and more snacks, I’m past the point of feeling broken.

But then, there are times like this, where I catch you completely in the moment and this wave of thankfulness washes over me.

I’m thankful for you.

I’m thankful that I was chosen to be your mother.

I’m thankful for your giggles.

I’m thankful for your wake up smiles.

I’m thankful for your hugs. I’m thankful for your kisses.

I’m thankful for those little arms that reach up to me.

I’m thankful for your tiny body that still fits perfectly into mine.

I’m thankful for how peaceful you look when you sleep.

I’m thankful that out of all the mamas you could have had, I’m the one that got you.

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