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​There’s Something To Be Said About A Boy Mom.

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Last week, I took my entourage to visit their great grandmother in the nursing home.

Like me, she is a mama of four sons, and now my kiddos and I are known by her last name.

But she and I have much more in common than a last name.

Because we’re boy moms.


We know how it feels to be unsure of ourselves, entering a little boy’s world for the very first time.

We know what it’s like to receive sympathy or applause, depending on how everyone’s behaving that day.

We know the physical fights and each brother’s drive to step up and lead the pack.

We know their sensitivities and how they’re really feeling deep down inside.

And that the bigger and stronger they become, the more our hearts get stretched out, too.

Like when they let go of our hands to take those first wobbly steps.

And they smooched slobbery kisses on our cheeks, because they knew it made us laugh.

Like when they first held a bat crooked and listened for our cheers.

And when their favorite song came on the radio and they leaped up to dance.

And we realized that becoming a little boy’s princess is actually a dream come true.

And each tug at the heart is preparing us both for the growing pains we’ll certainly endure.

Because we’ll be sending off these boys as warriors to represent what’s noble and right.

And we’ll be watching our prayers answered as they start their own families and build their own lives.

And one day, we may see our grandchildren marry and have sons of their very own.

And we’ll just have to look into that mama’s eyes, and we’ll know a bond that reaches deep into our souls.

And we’ll reminisce.

And we’ll get it.

And we’ll breathe in our blessings together.


And thank God for the great privilege it is.

To be a boy mom.

Words by: Jaclyn Warren of Mommys15Minutes. For more encouragement and love follow along at Mommys15Minutes on Facebook and on Instagram at @Mommys15Minutes.

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