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Challenge: Perfectly Imperfect Parenting

There's hope for the mistake-makers

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I went on a run this morning, as I do every Sunday, except today I stubbed my toe.

I kept I running, though.

Because life be like that sometimes, right?

And we've just got to keep goin'.

So very often, we're riding a day's high, and then BAM, a sh*tty moment, incident, or interaction with a person smacks you in the face reminding you that life ain't always peaches and cream.

And, when that happens, occasionally, we falter.

We err.

We stumble

We screw the hell up by responding to unpleasantries, anxiety-provoking situations, or anything that just "throws us off," with a piss-poor reaction followed by a crapton of guilt.

While post-gaffe embarrassment and remorse are sure signs one is an imperfect human, they also prove we want to be a better one.

When I got home from my run, I took my shoe off and came to find that my stubbed toe wasn't as bad as I thought, and it enlightened me to the fact that so very often, that happens in life.

We think our stumbles and the damage they cause are worse than they are, only to find it was barely recognized or noticeable or only felt by us.

There's hope for us, fellow mistake-makers, so keep running towards acceptance of all that you are, 'cause who that is, even when she slips up, is pretty freakin' fantastic.

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