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There’s Finally an App to Help You Find Home Cleaners Nearby

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Smartphones continue to simplify and streamline our lives in numerous ways, and today, we have options for even the simplest tasks that we have to face on a daily basis. You don’t even need to be particularly tech savvy to take advantage of the tools available on the market today, and some of them will make you wonder how you’ve gone without them before. Wand is an innovative app that aims to bridge the gap between people in constant need of house cleaning services, and those who offer them but can’t find a stable gig.

Simplify Your Life

If you’re the type who regularly has to plan events and organize lots of details in their lives, you’ll probably appreciate a virtual assistant that can help you out in the more challenging aspects of this. If you don’t have a connection to a reliable, trustworthy cleaning professional, it can be hard to know that you’re getting a proper person on short notice. But thanks to tools like Wand, this doesn’t have to be the case anymore!

Know the Job Is Done Right

Wand makes it very easy to figure out if the people you’re hiring for your cleaning jobs are actually fit for the bill. The app features a comprehensive review system that outlines everything there is to know about the people you’re considering hiring. You can also share your experiences as well, once you’ve gone through a test job with a cleaner (or a crew of cleaners) from the app.

Great for All Situations

It doesn’t matter if you need to hire someone on a one-off basis for a quick, emergency job, or if you’re looking for a long-term contract with a cleaning specialist to take care of your home on a recurring basis. Wand can make the process of finding the right person as simple as tapping on your screen a few times, and the rest can be handled in person once they’ve arrived. You can even hire someone on the go if you’re in a difficult spot and can’t get back home on short notice!

We’re likely going to keep seeing even more exciting solutions like this one in the near future, and that’s certainly a great thing, because apps like Wand can simplify many aspects of our everyday lives. Of course, it’s also important that we actually take an active stance in adapting this technology and submitting suggestions for its improvement, at least if we want to see it becoming even more active.

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