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Challenge: Gratitude & Giving

Photos of quarantined families show 'a glimpse of a slower pace from the past'

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We've all had our fill of quarantine, only we know there's still more to go.

My mom village tried playing a game where we take a drink every time someone says, “social distancing” or “coronavirus,” and... well, none of us wanted to come out of this thing a raging alcoholic. So we had to find a new game to entertain us.

We wondered if we were the only ones trying to find any excuse not to clean our houses?

We turned to funny quarantine diaries. Let’s be real, it was either that or start making TikToks.

The quarantine diaries started out pretty tame.

Day 1:

We are down to ramen noodles...

The crew has found the M&M's and overpowered the captain.

Entertaining the prisoners with a small oddly shaped puppy and an impossibly tiny puzzle.


Tammy Porter, owner of Porter's Wife, Child Photographer in Arizona, uses her talents to capture the essence of a child's personality without having them pose or say "cheese." It was no surprise that her quarantine diary was primarily visual. She even put up a tent indoors to make staying at home more exciting than it sounds.


Her sons, Mason and Maverick, have always let her capture their day to day life. However, her hilarious entries did escalate pretty quickly,

Day 2:

The prisoners seem to be literate... spent the morning pretending I run a tight ship.

Prisoner B just had the huevos to say “this is not what I ordered” when served dinner.

After a few days of redundant shots, Tammy started to brainstorm ways to add variety. She really wanted to photograph other families in quarantine, without coming near them. Tammy took to Facebook with a plan.

She offered to drive by her friends' homes. They had to be ready with a text, because she wasn't coming to their doors. The families agreed to stay on their porches or in their yards and she wouldn't leave the street, sometimes not even leaving her car.

Tammy said she didn't charge a fee for this first "drive-by" because she honestly didn't know if she was going to get a decent photo with the distance, lighting and backgrounds. All she knew was, she wanted to chronicle this point in our history and capture a few moments in time. What she got was, socially responsible adults protecting and loving their children in what looks like a simpler life. A glimpse of a slower pace from the past.





When we get snapshots of our present history like this, it's easier to see that we have so much to be grateful for. It doesn't erase the fears of our world or the reality that each of these families are facing, but it shows us there is still hope.

You can catch the rest of Tammy Porters 'Drive-By Shooting' on The Porter's Wife, Child Photographer Facebook page.

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