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The Ultimate Family Camping Tips - All You Need To Know Before Takeoff

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There are many things to do prior to and during a camping trip, and before a disaster, we all think that every thing will be okay. The truth is, camping may sound easy, but it requires experience accumulated from a lot of failures. You don’t want to undergo all of them? That’s why we need the list of family camping tips.

Take a close look at the points below and see if you have fulfilled all of them before a takeoff. I bet your next trip will be a pleasant time.

1. Prep all meal ingredients before going


One minus point of living in nature is that you won’t have all the convenience a modern kitchen may offer. So, in your precious prep time, do all the cutting, chopping, peeling, etc. If you want to have an outside BBQ, marinate the meat in advance and put all the processed ingredients in separate zip-top bags.

2. Bring glow sticks along

At night, things that are obvious in daytime will become a risk. Without a proper source of life, you can’t recognize your kids, not to mention the puppy you guys bring along. A few glow sticks will deal with the problems.

Kids often find glow sticks fantastic, so it’s not hard to attach some to their clothes, a double sleeping bag, or other necessary things. Other obstacles such as tree stumps, tent pegs, etc. should be equipped with one, too, before anything wrong could happen.

3. Prepare a great tent and some tarps

A high-quality tent is a must for every camping trip. Don’t save some money by buying a low-quality one, because you will use it for a long time, on multiple occasions.

Besides, don’t forget to bring some tarps. Right after locating the cooking area, pitch a tarp over it so if the rain comes suddenly, you can still cook and enjoy the great family time. But, even with the tarps, don’t forget checking the weather forecast. Raining is an unpleasant experience, no matter what.

4. Pack clothes carefully


The fun will be ruined if your loved ones look gross in the dirt. There are two things you must keep free from dust and sand. First, the sleeping bags; and second, the clean clothes saved for changing.

You think jamming your bags with clothes is enough? Not at all. Imagine after one day playing in the dirt; your kids cram the package to find pieces of clothes and accidentally spill them all on the ground? The ultimate solution to the question is making a separate set of clothes for each day, roll it up smartly, and secure with rubber bands. When you need to change, just grab a roll, and we are done.

Besides, remember to save a spare bag to contain the dirty clothes. Don’t mix them up with clean ones.

5. Have a good hiking camera

You could take pictures with your phones, but not every kind of phones can give you high-quality images, especially when it comes to taking pictures of nature. A hiking camera will do the task much better. Think about the spectacular pics you can show your friends when you guys come home from the trips. I bet it’s worthy.

6. Brings fire makers


A lighter is a must. Or you can take two, because something may go wrong with the first one. Then, take as many matches as possible with you. The long kind is recommended.

However, it doesn’t mean things can go on well from now on. The lump charcoal you bring along may not catch fire if you don’t have enough fire-starter stuff. Brings some old newspaper (not thick magazines), used toilet paper rolls, etc. They will help you a lot.

7. Make personal hygiene easier

It’s a big pain in the ass when we have to hike to reach the camp bathroom, but it can be much more irritable if you don’t know how to organize the toiletries and washcloths and make them all gross.

So, rather than bring a bar of soap and have to handle with the slimy thing later, you should make soap flakes from it and store them little by little with airtight containers. When you need to bathe, take out one, lather up, and dispose of the bag. All your toiletries should be stored in a hanging bag, so you don’t have to put them down on the questionable floor of the public bathroom.

Besides, it will be much more relaxing if you don’t have to hike a long way just to clean your hands and stuff like that. Bring a bottle of hand sanitizers to free yourself from the hardship and toils.

The Verdict

Have you found something useful for your next trip from the list? We hope camping will be easier for you from now on. We all deserve a good time with our loved ones after stressful working days in the concrete jungles.

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