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The secret to surviving a long car journey with children

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Are you planning to go on a long journey with your children? Then you need to learn the tips that you should follow in order not to make that experience a nightmare. Below mentioned are the most effective strategies available for the parents to follow, while they take their children on long journeys.

  1. Lie to your children about the distance
  2. Never get frustrated with your partner
  3. Keep the children engaged
  4. Have an in-car DVD player
  5. Take treats along with you

You should never reveal the truth about distance to your children. If you do, they will think too much over it and you will not be able to complete the journey. Therefore, you must always lie to your children about the distance. When you are traveling, your kids will ask how far it is to go for the destination. If you know that it will take one hour to get there, you shouldn’t reveal the truth. Instead, you can simply say that you will arrive at your destination in just 15 minutes.

When you are travelling along with kids, you should never get frustrated in front of your partner. Usually the kids tend to sense the frustrations that exist among parents. You need to make sure that no space is left for such frustrations to take place. You need to be patient throughout the journey and make sure that you don’t discuss about any issues until you come to your destination.

You shouldn’t let your children feel bored during the journey. That’s where you need to take appropriate steps in order to keep them engaged. Getting your iPad can be considered as one of the best methods available to keep the little ones engaged. You just need to get some songs, movies and games into the iPad. Then the kids will be able to keep on playing with it and they will never feel bored. However, you need to be careful to load up the iPad with appropriate content for the kids.

It is possible for all family members to enjoy a good movie until you arrive at your destination. That’s where an in-car DVD player will be able to help you with. You don’t need to spend a fortune to get your hands on an in-car DVD player. Hence, you can think about getting a one installed before you go on the journey. It is possible to power up this DVD player with the 12V output coming from cigarette lighter and enjoy a good movie throughout the journey. This would be one of the best classic car restoration tips available for you to consider when going on a long journey as well.

You must also carry plenty of treats for the kids when you are travelling. Then you will be able to make sure that the kids don’t complain about the journey. You can keep them busy with the treats until you arrive at your destination.

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