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When Mother's Day is Painful

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The Second Sunday in May

Mothers day is here, and oh what a lovely day, A bright and cheerful mother is being honored here today.

She is showered with flowers and macaroni cards by her adoring tiny fans,

While a beaming loyal husband holds a silver heart shaped necklace in his hands.

Soon they will all go out and celebrate with the community all around,

Giving this happy mother her special mother's day crown.

Yet, here sits another on this magic holiday,

With a piece of plastic in her hand that reads one line again today.

Tears roll down, as another woman cries alone;

Her lines read two, but everything was lost before she even shown.

Some spend this holiday with flowers in their hands, Only to be placed by a gravestone instead.

Another, who might even be your server on this day,

Dreams longingly of being married and having a family of her own to celebrate with instead today.

Her coworker, on the other hands, wants peace on mother's day,

From all the people wondering why, she doesn't want to reproduce to their dismay.

No crown is given to the selfless ones,

Who take on a mothers role when others abandon and run.

Foster parents trying to explain, why that macaroni card will have to wait.

Single father's are just as lost,

having to tell kids why mommy is gone.

Some mothers are abandoned and alone,

Because their kids are fighting demons of their own.

And even those who are estranged;

abusive, toxic, and deranged.

We mourn the loss of them just as well, the emptiness, betrayal, and loneliness on this day.

And lastly, let's not forget the mothers who get bypassed by others,

Because their due date is set by an adoption court, instead of an obgyn board.

So on this mother's day let's not forget the pain that others feel all day.

If you feel hurt today, just remember you're not alone, I am also a member.


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