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Challenge: Perfectly Imperfect Parenting

The Weird Parenting Idea that Brought Me Closer To My Teens (and a clean house...Really!)

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So, we did pretty well during the pandemic for the most part, but after the holidays we hit a rut. Everyone was over it. The kids were grumpy, we were grumpy, and asking my kids to do anything was greeted with an eyeroll or something not so positive. So, my husband came to me a few months ago and said I have an idea so good you are going to want to kiss me! I laughed at him, he often has crazy ideas and said "okay, what is it?"

My Husbands Crazy Idea

He went on to tell me how his best attribute is coming up with ridiculous games. He said I'm going to create a spin on it by creating weekly chore challenges for the kids. This way we can get them to help out around the house more. Then we will post them on TikTok and the kids might like it because it's something they relate to

Honestly, I didn't pay attention to him (later he retold me what he said) so a few hours later I see him setting up cups and ping pong balls on our kitchen counter and says "Alexa, announce Chore Challenge come downstairs). I said "What are we doing?" he gave me the eyeroll my teens (ages 13, 14, 16, and 18)


The next thing I know we are playing a form of beer pong but instead you get chores.... the crazy part is the KIDS LOVED IT!


They were so much happier doing their chores knowing they plays a game where they could possibly win NO Chores, then us just bugging them to do their chores.

So, did we accidentally teach our kids how to be good at Beer Pong, yes. But were they having fun and then doing chores... also yes!

Here is our 1st Chore Challenge

Tik Tok

The next thing that happened was absolutely crazy. We had a TikTok account where we posted some travel video, it would get a 500 views maybe 1,000. We posted our first chore challenge and bam, got over 1 MILLION VIEWS! (My husband gave me that look that he really got something here)

The kids were all in after that and wanted to come up with more challenges. So, we did dinner challenges where the winner gets to choose the meal and just fun games to keep things lively. I thought that our one video was just a one hit wonder but we have had several videos hit over a million views and a recent one got close to 9 MILLION views and over 1.6 Million Likes. (So, I guess my husband was right.....this time)

The Result

Well, now multiple times a week, I find our family out back doing ridiculous games. Sometimes it's for chores, sometimes to see who gets to choose dinner, and other times just cause. It really helped us get out of our pandemic funk. You can check out all our challenges at

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