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Challenge: Summer Fun

The Only List You'll Need to Survive Having a Baby in the Summer

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I just had baby number four. Two of my children have fall birthdays and two have late spring/early summer birthdays. Can I tell you that the list of what you need for a cold weather baby vs. a hot weather one is COMPLETELY different?

If you are a new mom-to-be, you might be tempted to use the Babies R Us or Amazon registry suggestions to pick out the items you want. Just stop right there. The lists are useless I say. Useless. Those registry suggestions are bloated recommendations to get you to mortgage your house in wipes warmers and diaper genies. Minimalism is trendy these days {have you seen the tiny house movement?} so take my advice; less is more.

After four children, I can say with confidence that if you are having a summer baby, these are the only items you need to get started on the wonderful journey we like to call crazy parenthood.


1. Onesies.

You think I'm kidding? Nope. Just onesies. And not the ones with the collars unless you want to watch your baby root around every time the preppy collar flips up and hits his cheek. Here's why I'm going to tell you that you should save actual clothes for fall and winter when he's older....

2. Swaddle Me Blankets.

In the summer, it's hot. And newborns need to be swaddled. Even if you don't have a colicky baby {and I pray you don't}, the feeling of tightness that a swaddle me blanket gives your newborn will help him sleep longer. Don't be a hero and try to use a blanket. Get the ones with velcro and a zipper on the bottom to make middle of the night changes easier.

He's a boy, but they ran out of blue swaddle me blankets.

3. A sun hat.

This hat will be your lifesaver if you plan to go outside. As a bonus, it also doubles as a nice bib when you're trying to eat with your little one in a carrier.



1. Crib.

Even if you don't use it at first, a crib is ultimately where your baby will sleep. So bypass the cradle, the Moses basket, and the bassinet, and go right for a crib. If you live in an apartment like we do, these mini-cribs are fantastic. They fold up, roll, and have two mattress adjustments. Even better? They fit the pack-and-play crib sheets so you don't spend $2024.00 on the full-size bedding.


2. Mama-Roo.

I'm not going to lie. This space pod is expensive. At $250.00 bucks, you might think I'm crazy for suggesting it. Trust me when I say that the blue-tooth enabled mama-mimicking device is pure genius. You won't need a swing or a bouncy seat. Just get the mama-roo, which also takes up less space.


3. Stroller/Carseat Stroller.

When it comes to this, whatever your preference {jogging, lightweight, etc.} is fine. But just look for one with lots of wine cup holders. Check that the hood goes far enough to keep your little one out of the sun!


4. Baby Bjorn.

I've tried the sling. I've tried the Mai-tai {pretty sure that's a drink, but it's also a baby wearing thingamajig}...I've even tried the moby-wrap-yourself-like-a-mummy and then have to pee contraption. Plus in the summer, all that extra fabric is stifling!The Baby Bjorn stands the test of time in my opinion. Easy for both mom and dad {and older sister!}, and not hard to wrestle a sleeping child out of it. When he outgrows it, move on the Ergo carrier.


Sleep aids

1. One of every type of pacifier on the market.

You know...because you never know. I have an irrational fear of losing pacifiers, so I drop them everywhere like mouse droppings.

2. Sleep sheep {or owl}...or both.

White noise is your friend. If you have a fan, great. But the sleep sheep is battery powered for those nights when a summer storm kicks out your electricity and you wake up in terror that the fan going off will wake the baby.


3. Crib aquarium/jungle thing.

It plays music. It lights up. It gives you a bit less guilt when you put your baby in the crib to go pee and he has something to look at.

Other stuff

1. Heavy blanket.

This is for all those leisurely picnics you're going to take. A heavy durable blanket can be put down on the grass or sand {in the shade of course}.


2. Burp clothes.

Buy a million. They do all sorts of things from catch spit up, to covering your baby's head when you forget the sun hat, to wiping your hands when you have sunblock all over them because you were busy lathering up your other children at the beach.


So there you have it. That's all you need for a summer baby, not counting the diapers and the wipes...or the 16lbs of chocolate and coffee grinds you'll need to stay awake for the first six months weeks.


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