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Challenge: Sleep Confessions

The ONE Way I finally got sleep with my infant son

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I did everything to get my son to sleep through the night.

The only way he would fall asleep is by nursing. I would always nurse him at night. He would then curl innocently beside me and drift off.

I would place him quietly in his bed and then I tiptoed quietly out of the room..

And he woke up a minute later.

I became desperate.

I turned to sleep machines, swaddlers, gliders..

Nothing kept him asleep.

I even took the mattress out of his crib and gated it with a baby gate. I would lay down, nurse him to sleep and then quietly...

Ever so quietly...

I would roll off the mattress, careful not to make a sound and sneak out of the room with the noise machine on full blast.

He would always wake up 30 minutes later!

I mean, c'mon!!

Then I relaxed. I realized he just wanted to sleep by me. One night, while nursing him back to sleep in my own bed (for the third time that night), I fell asleep.

I woke up two hours later in a panic. I looked down, and there was my son cuddling up beside me, mouth hung open.

That's how I became a co-sleeper. Since then, I am no longer a sleep deprived parent.

I love cuddle time.

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My son is now 2 1/2 and he still likes to sneak back into our bed at night. But that's ok. Since I'm getting sleep, I'm happy.

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