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Have you ever seen a live mermaid show? My family and I stumbled upon the one show you may not want your kids to see, while on a recent vacation.

The One Show You May Not Want Your Kids To See

A few years ago I went on a girls trip for the weekend with my cousin to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We stayed at a beachfront resort called B Ocean, which is home to the famous Wreck Bar. I was excited to check out this destination as it is one of the few places in the world where you can enjoy a beautiful live mermaid show.

On our first night we decided to grab dinner and a drink at the Wreck Bar so we could experience their famous mermaid show.

The place was packed, including families with kids of all ages who were hoping to catch a glimpse of the beautiful and mystical mermaids.

We found a table as close as possible to one of the portholes within the Wreck Bar, especially since I wanted to try to capture some photos of the mermaids to show my kids.

The mermaid show did not disappoint.

They were beautiful, graceful, dreamy, and I am still unsure as to how they held their breath for such long periods of time.

After that trip I kept thinking how I couldn't wait to bring my family back someday to see the mermaid show, especially my daughter.

Fast forward about 3 years to when my family and I took a road trip to Pompano Beach, Florida for spring break.

Throughout the almost 18 hour drive from PA to Florida I kept telling my daughter how excited I was for her to finally see the mermaid show. She was equally as excited.

I visited B Ocean's website to confirm the showtimes, and noticed they hadn't changed from the last time I visited. The website was very brief and said the shows were Friday and Saturday at 6:30 and 9:30pm.

We decided to take the kids to the 6:30 show on Saturday evening, but on the way there my daughter fell asleep in the car.

My husband and I figured we would take the kids out to dinner first, instead of the 6:30 mermaid show, so that our daughter could sleep a bit longer.

During the drive to dinner I checked B Ocean's website again and even called to ensure we could bring the kids to the 9:30 show instead, and was told yes just come in as no reservations are needed and their hotel is very family friendly.

What happened next...

Right after dinner we drove straight to B Ocean to catch the 9:30pm live Mermaid Show. At this point I had talked up the darn mermaid show so much that both of my kids and my husband were now looking forward to seeing it.

We headed into the vibrant and busy lobby of B Ocean and there were a bunch of families (with kids of all ages) sitting right outside of the Wreck Bar, which is next to the hotel registration/ check-in desk. Since there are no doors, only large openings, to enter and leave the Wreck Bar there were kids running in and out waiting for the next mermaid show to begin.

I looked around the bustling area and noticed the Wreck Bar looked pretty dark and there was a DJ playing. I'll admit it looked more like a club than I remembered but my family headed on in as I was determined to show my daughter the mermaids.

The One Show You May Not Want Your Kids To See

Why this is the one show you may not want your kids to see.

Right as the show was starting the DJ said the mermaids would be swimming out in a second with no tops or tails.

Excuse me. Did I just hear what I think I heard?

Per my teenage son's face I apparently did hear what I thought I heard.

My husband jumped up and found a hotel staff member to ask him what was going on with the mermaid show, while I quickly ushered the kids from in front of the portholes back out into the lobby.

He came back and told me the hotel personnel confirmed the 9:30 live mermaid show was now a burlesque show.

We looked around the crowded lobby area (which was only about 10 feet away from where the mermaid show was taking place) and were in shock as there were families all around me.

Why would they have a show like this only steps away from the hotel's registration desk, restaurant, cafe, and lobby area where kids were running around and hanging out with their families?

I became very annoyed at the hotel as my daughter was crying since we ran out of the show I promised her, because nowhere on their site, within their hotel or did any of their staff mention that the 9:30 mermaid show was now a freaking burlesque show.

We complained to the hotel staff in person as well as online but my complaints fell on deaf ears as the B Ocean staff was unresponsive to me.

When I recently checked their website it now actually tells people the 9:30pm live mermaid show is a burlesque show instead of them being surprised, complete with children in tow, after they arrive.

My son loves to remind me of the time that I was the world's best parent and tried to take my kids to a burlesque show (sigh).

Have you ever experienced an uncomfortable situation while traveling, especially with kids?

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