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Challenge: Romance After Kids

The Old T-Shirt Stage Of Love

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We are in the old t-shirt stage of love. It's so comfortable, gently broken in, and a little worn around the edges.

Once upon a time it was new and fresh. We would talk for endless hours, dream about the future and never miss a chance to hold hands. It was an incredible love story that grew into a marriage. Over the years it has stretched, softened and molded into a perfect fit.

There aren't often stories written or movies made about this type of love but nevertheless it is a beautiful place to be.

It's a season of survival. Raising children, building careers, maintaining a household and shuttling kids to activities. It's a season of smiling at each other as we pass in the hallway one carrying a baby and the other ordering a pizza. It's a season of counting down the minutes to bedtime so we can finish the conversation we started at lunch. It's scheduling a night out and then deciding we'd rather just stay in. It's a season of taking turns in the middle of the night when the babies need a little extra attention. It's fixing broken dryers, mowing the lawn and washing lots of dishes. It's waking up early and going to bed late just to keep it all together.

It's a love story that has taken years to build. There has been laughter, tears, joy, and heartache. There has been fighting and making up but never giving up. There have been valleys and mountaintops, struggles and triumphs. Sometimes it feels like we've been on this journey forever and sometimes it feels as though we've only just begun.

And we still never miss a chance to hold hands.

It's the old t-shirt stage of love and there is no where else I'd rather be.


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