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The never ending battle of the playroom

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I did it! I finally did it! I got rid of my children's play room! I have taken back MY space and created a dining room which is what this room was meant for anyway. Do you want to know why I have a play room anyway? It's not so my kids can have a room in which to throw toys and explore. It's because one time a long time ago when Mattie was little I saw a commercial. It was a mom that had converted a room of her house into a play room for her toddler. "It's a place just for him," she said. "A place he can have for HIS stuff only." She looked really pretty with make up and perfect hair. She was smiling as her and her son played with cars on the pristine carpet and her son smiled and laughed and hugged his mom. "thanks mom," I heard him say, "for making me feel special."

I wanted to be that mom! I want that for my kids! My kids deserve a place of their own! So, one year ago we moved and bought a house with a dining room and I had no dining room furniture. Finally it was my turn to be THAT mom. I bought shelving and cute baskets. I hung artwork and created a reading area. This was going to be the place my kids could come to and have their own space. I am a good mom.

NOT! Nope! That didn't happen!

Here is what really happened....

They destroyed that room! They threw toys everywhere! They drilled play-doh into my carpet! They peed on the floor! They drew on the walls! It went from a special place for my kids to a place of stress for me! I hated the play room!

Luckily the play room has 2 doors which can close and then everything I hate about it is invisible. But sometimes someone would open one of the doors and I would again be reminded of the mess to clean up. Of course, my kids should clean this up. I would tell them often, sometimes everyday, "Please go clean the play room." This would ensue a series of whining and excuses such as belly aches, head aches, broken elbows. "Fine," I would say. "I will just do it." Sometimes my mother in law would come to visit and she would immediately go in there and clean. She has years of experience and I doubt the same feeling of hatred for the room that grew in me each time I laid eyes on it.

Weeks would pass and this room would get more out of control. Christmas and birthdays brought on added stress and 'stuff.' Toys were now being thrown in places they didn't belong. Parts to games were missing. Barbies were naked and no clothes were to be found. I would get to my breaking point then set aside a Saturday to just go in and organize. Games were back together, blocks were back in their containers and Barbies once again wore designer clothes only I would be so lucky as to ever own. Peace. Harmony. Tranquility. I am a good mom. .

Attack of the 2 and 4 year old. What took me 6 hours to complete took them 6 seconds to destroy. Why do I do this to myself I would wonder. Then my mind would go back to the woman in the commercial. I bet she doesn't complain and whine about the play room. I bet she cheeringly cleans it up for her son. After all, HIS space is all too important to take away. So out came the carper cleaner. After a few tries, play-doh really isn't that difficult to get out. Drawings on the wall can be taken away with a quick trip to Bi-lo for some magic erasers. Load up the kids and promise them candy if they are good. Besides I only need 1 item, how long could that take? 35 minutes later.....

The playroom is once again clean. Peace. Harmony. Tranquility. I am a good mom.


This relationship lasted a full year. One year of my life! Some days I couldn't do anything until I cleaned it. I began to not care if Barbie had clothes or if all the pieces to Memory were there. If some of the cards are missing, then the game will take longer and maybe I will get a longer break! I began talking myself into keeping it more often. They need it, it's a good idea.


DONE! I am DONE! This play room is a big cause of my stress! It drives me nuts! I hate it! There I said it, I HATE IT! I don't care if they have their own space, they are 2 and 4 and this is MY house! I went to college for 7 years, yes 7! And no, I am not a doctor. I paid for this house, I earned this house! I love this house, and I HATE this room!

Disassemble. Boxes. Donations. Trash bags. MY room!

Peace. Harmony. Tranquility. I am a good mom.


Pay no attention to the monkey game on the floor!

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