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The mom-chair. It folds. But it exudes stability.

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Chairs come in all forms. Both metaphorically and literally. At work, I sit in an executive chair. Well... not exactly. I’m super picky about being comfortable at work so I sit in a brown leather chair I bought years ago and follows me. But you get the point. In 8th grade, I played the flute for a hot second and was 1st chair. That essentially means I was the best at playing the chromatic scale, but nothing else. On nonprofit boards, there are almost always committee chairs. I could keep going but you get it.

The most important chair I sit in coincides with the most important role in my life. It’s what I call “the mom-chair.” Y’all know what I’m talking about. One of those flimsy foldable chairs that comes in every shape and color with a string bag you have to get into a for-real wrestling match/swearing fight with yourself to put away every time while trying to pretend you didn’t.

The quintessential sports mom must-have. Some of them are nicer than others. But don’t fool yourself. After the umpteenth baseball game, it doesn’t matter if it cost you $5 or $150.. that thing ain’t lasting more than one season. You see a line of them at every baseball, soccer, lacrosse and football game you’ve ever attended and ever will. Basketball and wrestling get a pass because they are typically indoors and come equipped with bleachers. So a simple butt-pad will do. Bonus points if your kid’s name and number are imprinted on it. I digress...

My point is not about the chair itself. It’s what the chair represents. We all have one. Or if you’re like me, you have 5. One for every car, one for the garage, one to keep on the deck and one as a backup to take to the end of the driveway to watch bicycle stunts and scooter relays (reference attached photo). You can NEVER forget your mom-chair.

But why? Because it’s super important to have a place to sit with your coffee/discretely hidden cocktail on one side and your car keys and matchbox cars in the zippered other side? No. Because if you’re super fancy it offers you shade in the sun? No.

Here is the why...Because when you’re sitting in the mom-chair, you are present. You are watching. You are there. And regardless of what you’re sitting on, your kids are looking for you. Your face, your smile, your air high-five, your screaming at the umps/refs (eh-hem...totally not

Your mom-chair folds up and packs away after every game or performance, but the memory of you being there will never go away. It exudes stability.

Rock that mom-chair with confidence and grace. And girl... replace it as many times as you need to cause Lord knows I’ve had a dozen over the years.

Be there. Be present. Be the mom-chair.

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