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Challenge: Summer Fun

The Magic Lens

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You see everything through the magic lens, kiddo.

It's all a wonder in your eyes.

You helped me water the new grass last night. At first, I wanted you to stay inside. The sun was setting and I wanted to watch it go down while I watered the grass, alone.
I like watering the grass. It's mundane. I could enjoy it for hours in all of its calm, boring quietness.
But not you...

Nope, it's not boring for you. You love it for all the reasons opposite of mine.
To you, it's a thrill. And watching your imagination run wild is better than a million sunsets.

When you water grass, you're putting out fires.
You're swinging the hose up, down and all around, shouting "Look! It's an elevator! Now, it's a helicopter!"
The spraying hose is a waterfall, cascading wildly over a rocky cliff when you hold it.
You see it through the magic lens.

It's the same when you go up the steps to the front door. Other people just walk up. But you don't. You skip, hop, and jump up each one. Every step closer to the door is a treacherous leap over hot lava.
You see it through the magic lens.

When Daddy runs the vacuum before bed, another pretty boring task, the big kids and I lift our feet up and wait for him to pass through. But not you.
Nope. You giggle, scream, and run away from "Mister Sweepy" the vacuum villain.
You see it through the magic lens.

It's something I wish I could get back.
I hope you never lose it.
Keep seeing wonder.
Keep looking for the magic in everything.
The rest of us get a little taste of the magic just watching you.


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