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Challenge: Reducing Holiday Stress

The Magic is Already Here

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In the hubbub of the holiday season, let us not forget that life doesn't have to be lived in grand gestures for our kids to be happy. The magic is already here.

It's not in the expensive vacations we think they want.

It's not in the hours spent shopping to create some sort of magic we think piles of presents under the tree could ever possibly create.

It's not in the rushing and running and over scheduling because we think we must do it all.

It's not in the questioning we do of ourselves, wondering if we are possibly doing enough to make Christmas special.

Instead, it's in the smile of the little girl in the freshly fallen snow.

It's in the way your son leaves his friends to come hold your hand while Christmas caroling.

It's in a friend texting you because she had a bad day and you text back and say "I understand this. I'm here for you."

It's in the giggle of the children as their mom gets on a sled and rides in the snow with them.

It's them seeing their mother as a kid, for just a minute.

It's in the homemade fudge made from your husband's family recipe and it's in the cookies made all day with a good group of friends.


It's in the smiles as kids laugh and play and are content with what they have. They see the magic after all.

It's in the glow of the candles as we look at the baby in the manger.

The magic is here. We don't need to chase it.

Thanks for Mothering the Divide with me as Christmas approaches. Let us remember that the magic is here. This reminder is as much for me as for you. The magic is here and all we need to do is to open our eyes to it.

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