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Challenge: Back to School

The Importance of Quality Early Childhood Education

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Early childhood education can sometimes be a tricky subject. While everyone understands that it’s undeniably important, a lot of parents have a “they’re just children, education can wait” kind of approach. An understandable attitude, however, when we speak of learning we don’t really mean closing small kids in classrooms for six hours a day and expecting them to do complex geometry. For them, learning actually comes through play and fun activities, so there’s really no reason to worry that your kid will somehow be missing out on their childhood. If you want them to grow into kind, smart, successful people, here’s why early education is so important for their life.


It gives them a good attitude towards learning

Learning is a marvelous thing, and if you show your child early on how fun and useful it is, then once they start school, homework and classwork won’t really be an issue. It’s better for it to be introduced slowly and through interesting activities rather than have it all dumped of them once they reach school age. A smooth transition that helps them create a good attitude towards studying and enjoying knowledge is very important aspect of their childhood that will help shape their education, and even their career later on.

It sates their curiosity

Children want to learn. They are curious, they know little about the world, and they crave to learn more. In a good early learning institution they get the opportunity to do that in a safe environment, and if you combine yours and their teacher’s knowledge, they will basically get people who can answer all their burning questions and encourage them to keep being curious and seek answers to all the things they want to know. It will teach them how to find solutions to problems on their own, how to deal with confusion, and how to keep an open mind.

It helps socialize them

According to Australia’s research into childhood education, our children get many long-term benefits from starting while they’ve very young. This is particularly good at preparing their minds for adulthood and teaching them how to behave around other children, and places like the Hornsby Early Learning Centre have programs that focus on sensory, motor, intellectual, linguistic, emotional, and social skills (the so-called SMILES approach). It’s a good idea to find a place that encourages their individual development, but they will also benefit from meeting new children, bonding with them, and learning basic social graces. Kids need friends, and this will teach them how to make them and how to express themselves in a different environment and get their point across.


It makes it easier to deal with learning difficulties

Any sort of learning difficulty is easier to deal with if spotted early on because then you can develop strategies to work around it. Even if your child merely has some trouble staying focused, this is where they can learn how to let go of distractions and concentrate on what’s right in front of them. It’s also good to have the support of a trained teacher who can let you know about their progress and development and gives suggestions on how to solve emotional, intellectual, and social issues.

It gives them a sense of structure

More than anything, children need some sort of structure if they are to thrive in life. They need to learn how to be disciplined enough to stick to things and make progress, and staring their education early shows them how to do that. It also gives them an idea what a large part of their life is going to look like, how to handle school, and how to deal with authority.

If you pick the right place, your kid’s early education can be a real joy both for them and for you. Let them learn the skills that will help them explore the world, and enjoy the way it helps them grow and thrive.

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