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The Importance of Community Within Motherhood

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Every mom should have access to a community of support.

To me, it's all about solidarity. We are overwhelmed, overworked, and so exhausted. Most days feel like we are drowning in quicksand, and it's moving fast. Right now, more than ever, moms need to feel like they are not alone, and that is where solidarity comes in.

Community within motherhood is essential for new moms and veteran moms alike. It does not matter if the support is in-person, virtual, through social media, or Zoom. Right now, it is all about survival. What matters and what makes a difference is when women mother loudly and unfiltered.

To every mom reading this today, know your stories matter, and your feelings are valid. Don't be afraid to share your story and acknowledge the stories other mothers share.

Because every time a mom shares her story and another mom reads it, it's like a virtual hug- the purest form of acknowledgment. Something like, 'I get it, mama. I've been there and got through it. You can do it too!'

By mothering loudly and unfiltered, we open up an additional line of support for mothers around us that encourages community and results in solidarity. And this is how we move forward together, in unity, leaving behind the feeling we once carried of loneliness.

I invite you to join our community at Working Momkind where moms worldwide come together to support and empower each other.

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