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Challenge: Kids with Special Needs

The first Touchdown.."Tackling" the ups and downs of Autism

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I normally don't write about "it",

a matter of fact I have never written about "it".

Mostly for his protection.

I don't want him feeling labeled.

I don't want him to be left out.


I do, however, have to share a story...

about "It".

That "it" is Autism.

My hope for this story is to bring hope.

If we keep our struggles locked inside one can offer us help.

If this story inspires or helps one parent,

then these words typed have done their job.

Four years ago, my son was diagnosed with Autism.

Some days are filled with great joy, others great struggle.

When we hear a diagnosis, our soul quivers in fear.

The fear of their childhood.

The fear of their future.

Their relationships.

How they will navigate this big world on their own?

How will others know to embrace him or offer grace when he makes a mistake?

The mistakes do come, the impulsivity comes daily.

But this past week.

My soul was so happy for him.

My heart was exploding with pure JOY for him.

Just typing the words bring tears to my eyes.

This past week.

My son, was on the field, for his teams first touchdown.

He didn't get the touchdown, but he got to enjoy "sweet success"!

The amazing thing about it all was.

He wasn't out there because of obligation or sympathy by the coach

He was out there,

just like any other player,

just like any other team mate.


No one could see his differences under the padding or helmet.

That day

He put on his jersey


was a football player. That's it.


I have to tell you that when it all happened.

I was in the stands


I could feel the tear slowly roll down my cheek.

I have three boys


I have seen many goals, touchdowns, good shots, good tackles, good checks, good plays..

But this one was different.

It may have been the most important one I have ever seen.

It was just him being him and being a part of something so wonderful

When you see your child struggle often..

Success seems "so sweet!"

Like the first bite of the best cake you ever had.

So, here we are.

Right now football is fitting.

Thanks to patient coaches and parents.

It may not fit tomorrow, next week or next year.


for now and on that day, it did.

That night..

After the game

I went to his room.

I layed next to him hugging him.

I told him how proud of him I was.

I was. All of my heart was.

He was smiling ear to ear. A smile that some days "peaks out".


That night, in the quiet of my mind I think.

This will not define who he is.

A Doctor may know his diagnosis, but only God knows his story.



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