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The Cardio Exercises We Should Try Every Day to Get Active

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Do you start your day by doing some cardio exercises?

Well, many people around the world do same as you do. Before i used to drink a cup of coffee along with my family and start my day. Constantly evolving, over the years, I have noticed a lot of changes in my behavior, attitude as well as approach. It's all because of practicing some cardio exercises in the morning with family members. Now I have a more positive outlook.

There are some solid reasons that will make you also start your day with cardio exercises if you still don't like starting your day with cardio exercises.

Cardio uses fat as “fuel”

That means burning calories from your fat deposits rather than from carbohydrates found in the bloodstream.

Besides being one of the best methods of losing weight and providing one with handsome figure, cardio has extraordinary benefits for your health too:

  • - It reinforces your heart and improves the circulatory system.
  • - Improves the capacity of your lungs.
  • - Reduces the risk of generating heart-related diseases.
  • - Prevents hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, and diabetes.
  • - Reduces stress and helps you sleep better.

Therefore, if you want to lose weight, a cardio activity such as running, swimming or cycling can become ideal.

Despite the fact, such activities work better if they are done outdoors, in the fitness center or at a swimming pool, there also plenty of cardio exercises that you can perform at home, specially in the morning along with fresh air!.

Being a newbie you can start with practicing them at least three times a week and after that can slowly increase to 7 times a week (1 time/ day).

Below are some cardio exercises that I practice daily in the morning.

Cardio Exercises Practiced By Me Along with Family Daily in Morning

  • Jumping the rope


It's one among my favorite cardio exercises & my kids also really enjoy doing it.

In order to put all your muscles to work: all you need is a jumping rope.

Jumping the rope helps you get rid of many calories, quite quickly, plus half an hour of jumping the rope every morning releases those “happy” hormones and provides the body with energy.

Besides, the rope jumping is ideal when it comes to those problem areas that most women hate and struggle to eliminate through exercising: buttocks, thighs, and legs.

You can also place a band or string on the floor and jump on each side of it, either with one foot or both legs at the same time.

  • Running on the spot90b25559a7ed24f3026705b4114e46465c88dfb0.jpg

Although it sounds very strange, running on the spot is a simple way to lose weight and to keep you and your family healthy and fit whenever you can’t perform other types of activities and exercises.

If you do not have time to run in the park or go to the gym and do not allow yourself to buy a stepper, this method is the best.

It's very simple, you do not need any special equipment or other expensive devices because your body is the main “device”.

Moreover, when it comes to running on the spot, you cannot come up with excuses such as "I do not have time" or "I do not have the required equipment" etc. And if you're addicted to the TV, nothing prevents you from "running on the spot while watching your favorite show. It's a pretty fun to carry out this exercises along with the members of family.

You can also get a cheap small size treadmill for running at your home which can you used by all the members of family, If you don't like running on the spot as treadmill provides one with advance options like heart rate monitoring, speed settings and incline for more intensive cardio experience.

  • Dancing0ec0ea7f21968de5ed72e8eff680d7b243663039.jpg

You must be thinking what i am talking about in cardio exercises, well dancing itself is a cardio exercise as it promotes the movement of each of every muscle. You can lose weight and have fun at the same time: active and sustained dance, on the most exciting music, works a wide range of muscles, depending on your movements.

A 30-minute dance session can make wonders for your silhouette.

So this was all about my cardio session that i practice every morning. If it seems interesting to you, then can also start practicing the same routine with your family. Apart from being simple and easy it also promotes burning of a lot of calories to provide you with a great physique and keep you and your family healthy and fit as its said "Health is Better than Wealth".

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