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Challenge: Digging Deep

The advice I gave to my middle schooler(s)

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I currently have 1 daughter in middle school. In two years, all 4 of my youngest children will be in middle school at the same time. That is 4 kids in 3 grades. That is 4 kids with teenage hormones, mood-swings, eye rolls, groans, and door slamming.
There will be lots of sport try outs, popularity contests, tears, boyfriends, girlfriends, social media, insta-snap moments.
There will be times I have to say no to certain things because my gut tells me to. They will hate me, and I will pray I'm doing the right thing, and hope they will understand, it was because I had their best interest at heart. I will need to be supportive, understanding, yet, at the same time, hold their feet to the fire.
I have to be on top of my game. I can't just roll through the day handing out popsicles, and dum-dum lollipops to make things all better.
I have told them to do their best, be kind, and be a good friend. Family, chores, church, and school work come first.
And most importantly, remember... in today's wide web world,
"A lie makes a hundred laps around the world, before the truth ever gets out of bed."

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