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Challenge: Summer Fun

The 10 Best Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

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Every year, you have the same problem: what to do for your kid’s birthday party. You don’t want to do the same old, same old, ie serving hot dogs, burgers, and cake on paper plates and playing pin the tail on the donkey. But, you also don’t want to spend a lot of money. Sure, some parents tend to go over the top with their kids’ parties, but this isn’t really necessary, as long as the kids are having a great time. If you want to try something different this year, check out these cool birthday party ideas for kids.

1. Jungle-Themed Party

Little ones will love a jungle-themed party, and it is easy for you to put together. All you need are stuffed animals, fake tropical leaves that you can get at the dollar store, flower garlands from the dollar store, etc. Use bright colored paper plates and utensils, and play games like “Tarzan Tag”.

2. Pineapple-Themed Party

This is another fun idea for the younger kids, and about as easy as you can get. Just make all of the decorations yellow, with a pineapple theme. Serve pineapple chunks dipped in chocolate, frozen pineapple pops, etc. Play games such as tossing cherries into pineapple rings.

3. Cottage-Themed Party

If your family is into camping, this is a perfect party idea. Turn your back yard into a cottage area, complete with a mini hiking trail, a trail mix station, etc. Play old-fashioned games that don’t cost anything, such as tag, hide and seek, and red rover.

4. Teddy Bear-Themed Party

Your little one will love a teddy bear themed party, and it is so easy to do. Ask each guest to arrive with a teddy bear. Have a cute blanket set up for each guest, complete with a brand new, small plush toy for each guest. Supply a bag of outfits so they can dress up their new friends.

5. Chocolate-Making Party

Older kids will love making their own chocolates and candies. This is a way to keep them entertained for pretty much the whole party, without having to spend a lot of money. Get a few molds, some chocolate melts, lollipop sticks, etc., and let the kids create their own chocolate masterpieces.

6. Photo-Themed Party

Kids love having their pictures taken, and photo booths are loads of fun for kids of all ages. You have the option of renting a photo booth, or, you can save money by making your own out of plywood or cardboard, and setting up a digital camera.

7. Restaurant-Themed Party

Why exhaust yourself cooking for a lot of kids when you can just let them order off the menu at an inexpensive restaurant? You can visit Golden Corral prices, as well as prices for other favorite eateries.

8. Movie-Themed Party

Take movie night to the next level. Make invitations, name tags, film strips, popcorn boxes, movie tickets, and more, and make it just like the real thing. If you have a projector and the weather is fair, have the movie outside for even more party fun.

9. Art-Themed Party

This is a great idea for tweens and teens. Bring in a professional artist to hold a class in painting, sculpting, etc. The kids can create their own pieces of art, and learn new skills while they are having fun.

10. Spa-Themed Party

Everyone loves to be pampered, and a spa day is a great idea for a party. Don’t worry if there are boys there. They love this stuff too, even if they don’t always admit it. They will love a splash of color in their hair (temporary, of course), spikes, etc., and the girls can enjoy manis, pedis, new hairstyles, and more.

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