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Challenge: What Do Fathers Do Best?

Thanks Dad

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Im a lucky girl! I have the privilege of having the kind of dad, this world needs more of. My dad is a genuine and kind man. A gentleman, a father, a brother, a son, a grandfather and a friend. A person with great integrity, character and honor. His handshake is his word and his eyes are a clear window to his heart. He looks you in the eye when he says hello, asks you how you are and genuinely wants to hear your answer. I grew up with his voice in my head and his heart on my shoulder.

I was taught to keep my nose clean, which meant to stay out of trouble. I was also taught to try everything, at least once. I had the opportunity to learn how to try and do just about anything and everything. As a little girl, my dad took me fishing, bowling, hunting, horseback riding, ice skating, roller skating, camping, boating, I learned how to tie a hook and bait it, dig for worms, shoot a bow and arrow, climb trees, and saddle a horse, My dad was a contractor by trade and would bring me to tag along on estimates, and help him with projects around the house. I learned to install a new faucet, change a light switch plate, fix a dripping faucet, stop a running toilet, change light bulbs, hang pictures, patch a hole in the sheetrock and to cut in the corners and tape before you paint. These skills I am most grateful for today :-) I walked trails, learned how to use a compass, could find my direction by looking up at the sun, I learned to read maps, row boats, drive cars, use power tools. I took lessons… lots of them. Iceskating, gymnastics, cheerleading, and dance. He sat proudly in the stands for all of them. Watching, cheering, supporting. Not because he had to, because he wanted to! He never missed anything. As an adult, he has cheered me on through job changes, helped me through my divorce, held my hand and wiped my tears when my mom passed away, and picked me up off the ground when my house burned down! He has been a source of strenghth, I draw from when I need encouragement and when I remarried in 2012, he gently reminded me how proud he was of me. He has since been an inspiration in the launch of my website. He is also my biggest fan!

By his choice, he was involved and participated in my life. In all our lives. Unwavering dedication. Ultimately, looking back, he taught me how to live. He also taught me that in order to succeed, you have to work for it. No one is going to hand you anything that you don't work for. He taught me how to handle disappointment and losing. Not everyone gets a trophy, not everyone wins and thats ok.

The most important thing my dad taught me is how to be a parent, just by watching him. There are challenges that come along in life. It's how you handle yourself and the people you love in those trying times. He was always ready and willing to sacrifice for his family. He made sure we had all we needed. That doesn't mean giving us everything we wanted. We worked and earned money for the things we wanted. Chores, shoveling snow, raking leaves and darning socks! There is a difference between needing and wanting. He met every need and exceeded most. If I forgot to mention, my parents divorced when I was 8. That never made a difference. He made no excuses or tried to dodge his role in our lives. He was present and involved at all times.

This time of year, Fathers Day, is a very deliberate opportunity for me to take some time out of our crazy busy technology drenched world to tell him just how I love him. It is a time to share with him, how grateful I am that he is my father. That he is mine and I am thankful. Not with lavish gifts… thats not him. With a simple but genuine hug, over coffee while sharing some of the best stories of the adventures we had, while looking forward the new ones we will make. I love and cherish every minute with him. I tell him often!

Thanks Dad! I love you… Always

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