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Thank you to our bus drivers

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Bus drivers are the best.

School bus drivers are under-appreciated. I never realized how important they were. I didn’t know it when I was a kid taking the bus, and I didn’t think about it before I had kids. But now that my kids have started going to elementary school and their primary mode of transportation is the bus, I want to say thank you.

Thank you for learning your routes.

It’s hard to know every single kid and every single stop. I always know when we have a substitute because they sail past my house. I either have to run down the road or pick my kids up back at school. When kids are too small to advocate for themselves, you are the only person ensuring 50+ kids get where they need to be.


Thank you for knowing who I am. It must be hard to remember who gets off where and what caretaker is getting them off the bus. In our schools kindergarteners can’t get off the buses without a parent or guardian present. When my mom had to get my son off the bus, she got the third degree. Our driver wasn’t putting my son into a stranger’s hands. It might have been a pain that day but thank you because if I’m ever running late, I don’t want you to let him off with just anyone.

Thank you putting up with the difficult children. I get a daily report from my kids about who was misbehaving and it’s always the same kids. Sitting in the back of the bus, causing problems. Swearing, antagonizing the littles, and behaving badly all around. The bus drivers have to safely navigate a 40 foot vehicle and deal with these trouble makers. Thank you.

Thank you for putting up with the obscene weather conditions. In the northeast this includes sweltering heat (our driver once reported it was over 100 degrees on the bus) and the icy cold. You do it with a smile on your face. Thank you.

And thank you for keeping our kids safe. We’re on a busy road and sometimes people honk to speed up the process of them getting off and on. It’s unbelievable to me the rage drivers feel when they see a school bus. Our driver is a cool customer and isn’t ruffled ever. With cameras in the front, they can report a driver who passes their vehicle when they have their stop sign out now. Five children died and seven were injured last year by drivers near bus stops. Keeping our children safe is their highest priority and for that I thank you.

Thank you for being there every day. You are noticed. Happy Back to School!

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