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Terrified Parenting Immunocompromised and Special Kids During Covid-19

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We are a family of 4, and all 4 of us are immunocompromised. It’s terrifying when I let my head co to dark places about what could happen. How do I navigate this new parenting journey? I figured out bullying, mental illness and home schooling, but this? This is what could break me.


My daughter has mental illness- she has OCD, Depression and Anxiety. That Trifecta during this crazy time is particularly difficult. Trying to stay on top of her mental health while navigating my son's Senior Year and my husband now working from home is sending my head spinning. I know I'm not alone. I'm so thankful that I have a large group of online friends to vent to and get (and give) support.

I worry about keeping them healthy. We talk about ways to help boost their immune systems with nutrition and vitamins, Knowing that right now there are no medication that work on Covid-19 terrifies me. There’s no magic pill or shot to help keep them well, so I’m working on boosting everyone’s immune system with Zinc, Selenium, Vitamins D and C, and some others recommended by Dr Robert Melillo I’ve been following him for a while searching for ways to help my daughter’s OCD. I struggle with getting the right vitamins in normal times, so in these crazy days of not being able to go out and get whatever I want from the store (or online), everything we do is carefully thought out.

I worry about staying healthy. What would happened to everyone if I wasn’t able to guide them? I’m the planner, the rule maker, the main cook and bottle washer. It’s cliché, but I run the family, and I worry about what would happen if I wasn’t able to. The best way to stay healthy is to stay home and stay away from places where you can get infected. However, someone has to go to the store. That someone is me. I’ve never been less excited to get out without kids, but as I’m the only one allowed out in the world these days, it not fun. It’s scary and lonely.

I worry about my husband. He is our main breadwinner. He works very hard to make sure I can be home and take care of our kids. So many people are out of work and I breathe a sigh of relief each week when he is deemed “essential” for another week. I worry about 401Ks and retirement and health insurance.

I worry about the future. My son is a high school senior, and even though we home-school, there are still things he’s missing out on. Prom, graduation, college classes that’s he taking, senior trips – all cancelled. I’m so sad for this group of kids who are ready to face the world, but the world is closed. What is their future going to look like?

I just worry. I know its not healthy, but I can’t seem to turn my mind off. I’ve already stopped watching the news and have been trying to stay off of social media. I take the dogs out for long walks and try and plan a garden and have family game night, all on 5 hours of sleep and think, how do we get through this?

One day at a time. That’s how. I try and concentrate on what I can control and I work on that. Each morning, I try and be grateful that I get to have coffee with my husband every morning. I’m thankful that he has a job and I can buy the things I need to keep my family healthy. I’m happy to have my kids come into my room and watch videos with me, or share funny tiktoks, and I am particularly thankful for Family Game Night. I’m thankful for my Mom groups that talk me down when I get freaked out and I’m so very thankful for one thing- that I know I will do whatever is in my power to help keep us all safe and healthy.

It’s hard in normal times to have immunocompromised family, but terrifying now. However , by following the CDCs Prepardness information, boosting our immune system and finding gratitude for every day, I’m making it through. Barely.

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