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Challenge: Get Happy!

Ten Little Things That Make Me Happy as a Mom

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We all love our kiddos and wouldn't trade them in for anything, but being a mom is HARD. It is rewarding sure, but also overwhelming and exhausting! Being a mom makes us happy, in theory, but sometimes it is hard to remember to be happy when we are in the midst of parenting.

Here is my Top Ten list of tiny moments out of my days that make me happy and help me to find the joy in parenting.

1. When the whole house is clean, preferably by a housekeeper. This moment of bliss normally lasts about 10 minutes before someone throws up, spills, poops on the floor, pees on a wall, etc... But for that 10 minutes or so, I am very happy!

2. Similar to number one, the five minutes when ALL of the laundry is done!

3. When child number four climbs on the bus and I realize I have THREE hours to myself, in which to clean, workout, run errands, fold laundry, etc. But I get to do it ALONE!

4. That moment I realized Number Four is now wiping his own butt!

5. When you go to a parent teacher conference and you realize your kids are not as bad as you least not at school.

6. When bases are loaded with two outs and your kid comes up to bat...and he gets a hit!! Nothing better in the world!

7. When your kids get a snow day and you get to sleep in. Bonus points if you don't have to go out in the cold with them!

8. When I get all four kids out the door for school without anyone (including myself) yelling, crying, fighting, losing something, or forgetting something.

9. When all the kids are tucked in bed and I get to sit down with a glass of wine.

10. When you hear the kids laugh. Like really laugh. A good, belly laugh. Sweetest sound you ever hear.

Find a way to savor and appreciate all of your moments of happiness. It will make the rough ones easier to get through!

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