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Challenge: Kids and Technology

Technology Can Stimulate Early Learners

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students with technology

Technology education has become a crucial part of instruction. Studies and surveys show that even in an early learning setting, technology can play a vital part in education. Students in the primary grades can hone their fine motor skills while becoming tech savvy. Best of all, they are excited to use technology that was previously off limits to their tiny fingers. Through the use of SMART boards, personal touch screen devices and desk or laptop computers, students will experience enhanced lessons and learn to use technology like it's second nature.

SMART Boards

SMART boards have become a staple in the classroom from preschool on. They are more than just glorified overhead projectors. They can help to create an engaging lesson by allowing the students to actively participate, appealing to visual and kinesthetic learners. It doesn't matter which subject you select because there are SMART board lessons designed to enhance all parts of the curriculum.

A math lesson can be enhanced by students using the SMART markers to demonstrate their methods on the screen. Video demonstrations and tutorials can be pulled from all over the web to show students not only how something can be done but how easy it is to find the information you need. They are excellent for an impromptu brain break or even to fill in that time at the end of the day with something meaningful. Pulling up a short, engaging learning game is a great way to include the entire class and can be such fun that the students are learning effortlessly.


Tablets, both androids and iPads, are becoming more accessible in the classroom, and that leads to many opportunities for enriching your lessons. Try accessing a class set of digital books and reading on the tablet as a class. The students will have a number of options that include them being able to click on words they do not know, having the story read to them, and the program even tracking the words as they are read aloud. This seemingly simple lesson will reach all types of learners and allow early learners the chance to become familiar with the device.

Tablets are also wonderful tools for young children who are not yet fluent writers or readers. They can independently use a number of learning games and programs to illustrate their thoughts. It can build creativity and confidence for emerging readers and writers (source).

Desk or Laptop Computers

Aside from becoming more adept at word processing, using these type of machines allows young learners to hone their fine motor skills. Using the mouse can be very helpful in developing hand-eye coordination too. Even young students can be asked to type their names and high frequency or spelling words. Simple typing activities can strengthen letter recognition skills and are a boon to students who have not quite grasped the ability to communicate with writing.

There are many sites dedicated to using personal computers for instruction. Some are free and some require membership, but they often offer a benefit when a school is using the site. Many sites are even aligned to the specific curriculum standards so that you can easily see which skills are being utilized. The sites are a great idea to use as a supplement to homework activities as many students are avoiding doing their homework. They can be a helpful guide that shows parents the skills the students are focusing on in school too.

There are so many ways to integrate technology into your early learning lessons. It is easy to overlook the possibilities of including technology in early learning, but there are numerous benefits. Thanks to it, you might be amazed how your child will approach book reports and math problems in the years to come. Technology can help to reach all types of learners, enhance fine motor skills and help to prepare students to use technology throughout their education.

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